Things You Need to Know about Domestic Assault

Being in a relationship can be hard. There are many things that can go wrong. We all know this, but there are some who find that domestic assault happens. Not enough people have a full understanding of domestic assault though. Here are a few things you need to know about this.

What Constitutes as Assault

Some people don’t have a full understanding of what constitutes as assault. Assault could be when the other person is laying hands on you. This could be the typical spat where a person is yelling nonstop to where it’s warranting attention and worrying others. This could be when things are thrown at a person. Assault can lead to serious abuse situations if not dealt with.

What Can Happen When Assault Occurs?

The police are called out when a domestic assault annapolis md occurs, they will separate the parties involved. They will get statements, but if there are physical altercations going on, they may decide to arrest both parties on the scene. Typically, they will ask if one of them can leave and cool off if this is their first offense. They really try not to take people into custody for the simple fact the jails are already over populated.

Other Things that Can Occur

If a person is in a situation where they are being harassed and/or abused, police will encourage the person with whom the harm is being done to press charges if they aren’t fighting back. Many don’t want to do this for a number of reasons. Part of it is they are afraid the other person will truly harm them or worse. Other times, they are confused by the term love. They are blind to the fact that love should not cause physical pain. Restraining orders can really help. Many think they don’t help as it’s just a piece of paper and the police have to be called before the person can be arrested, but it guarantees that the person is to be so far away from the person being violated. If they step foot around them and that person spots them, the police can be called, and the persecuting person can be apprehended for violating such order.

Domestic assault can escalate quickly. If you feel there is a couple near you who are going overboard and someone is at risk, do your due diligence and call it in. While many people don’t want to intervene, there have been too many cases where a domestic assault situation had gotten too out of hand because no one had intervened. Because of that, someone ended up getting seriously hurt or worse. It’s something we see all too often but do nothing about.

If you are a person who is dealing with this yourself, while you might love the person, consider walking away. Love isn’t worth that much turmoil when it all boils down to it. No one should be hurt or disrespected. At least distance yourself to some degree. Seek help even if it’s not the police.