Top Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer or attorney is someone who offers legal counsel and representation to individuals who have been victims of accidents and have suffered injuries. This type of lawyer works in tort law, which includes intentional and negligent acts. A personal injury lawyer pursues compensation for victims of accidents.

What Are the Types of Personal Injury Cases?

Most often, personal injury cases involve negligent acts of others. This ranges from automotive accidents including truck and motorcycle accidents. Personal injury lawyers also handle other transportation accidents including bike accidents, aviation accidents, boating accidents, mass transportation accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Other cases that are taken care of by personal injury lawyers involve premises liability.

This includes slip and fall accidents, negligent security, and animal bites and attacks. Several other cases which personal injury lawyers handle include abuse and neglect in nursing homes, as well as, construction accidents. Medical malpractice cases also fall under the scope of personal injury lawyers.

Personal Injury Claim

The majority of personal injury attorneys especially those that handle any type of  medical malpractice attorney harrisburg pa may offer a  free consultations to their prospective clients. Even before you hire a personal injury lawyer, you already get legal counsel and advice for free. This is very important as it will give you an idea of what you are going to face in the coming days.

Investigates Claims

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee arrangement, which only charges attorney’s fees after they have reached a jury verdict or a settlement. Since most of the time the expenses came from their pockets, personal injury lawyers are often very meticulous in screening possible clients and evaluating the case’s merits. It is worth noting that a personal injury lawyer, will, most of the time, not take any case if he thinks that he will not be able to win it for the client.

Collects Evidence

In order to support the claim of the plaintiff, a personal injury lawyer might collect evidence. This may include incident or police report. Most often, a personal injury lawyer tracks down witnesses and gather statements from these witnesses. Some lawyers even hire a photographer to take photos of the accident report.

Evidence plays a vital role since it could establish liability for the real cause of the accident. It could also get the extent of the damages that the complainant experienced. Evidence includes bills, medical report, employment documents, medical records, property damage reports, and employment reports.

Negotiates with Insurance Companies

Personal injury lawyers review the policy details of their client’s insurance and determine the level of compensation that could be demanded based on the circumstances surrounding the case. A personal injury lawyer could also take care of all the communications with the insurance company and restrict the victim from doing anything that could jeopardize his claim.

Sends Demand Letters

A personal injury lawyer could send a demand letter to an insurance company after extensively investigating and evaluating the victim’s claim. The demand letter could state facts about the accident and demand an amount of damages for the injury suffered by the victim because of the acts of the defendant.